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What does naturally sourced mean? Why does it matter?

Thirsty Naturals is 100% natural, plant-based & toxin free personal care products for teenagers. With all ingredients sourced from natural origins, even the preservative used is from Hickory Bark. What does this mean? Our products contain nothing artificial, no harsh chemicals or anything synthetically produced, only ingredients straight from nature.


Why is this important? Because whether it’s the food you put in your body or the products used ON your body, we believe natural ingredients are the best. Chemicals, artificial ingredients and toxic fillers in body products can cause redness, irritation, allergic sensitivities and increase breakouts. Our products work with your skin instead of against it. Think of us as health food for your skin!

How does Thirsty Naturals work on both guys and girls skin? What makes teenagers skin different?

Teenage skin, whether you are a boy or a girl, is sensitive and prone to increased oil production. Hormonal changes that happen during puberty will cause the body to produce more oil than the average man or women and can easily irritate due to the sensitivity of their young skin. Our products are developed to work for both boys and girls, as at this age they have very similar skin-types and with a regular daily hygiene routine, they can prevent breakouts and irritation.

Is Thirsty Naturals Vegan?

Yes! Thirsty Naturals is made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances, petroleum by-products, animal by-products, animal testing. Absolutely nothing artificial. 100% natural ingredients.

How long should my product last?

We want to encourage teenagers to develop a daily usage with Thirsty Naturals products. Our products are very effective;  it just takes a little to go a long way. With daily usage and appropriate amounts the product should last 6 weeks to 3 months.

When are you coming out with more products?

Follow us @thirstynaturals or sign up for our email and we will be sure to keep you in the loop with what is next.

Why the name Thirsty Naturals?

Thirsty Naturals is fulfilling the thirst of teenaged skin for natural products designed specifically for their needs. Part of Thirsty Naturals mission is to help educate teenagers on proper skin care routines as often teens are over washing their face or using product with harsh ingredients which strips their skin of it’s natural oils causing skin to ‘thirst’ and over produce oil – a truly vicious cycle.

Why are we not Certified Organic?
  • Certified organic doesn’t necessarily come from local sources. For example, you can get natural beeswax locally but in order to get organic beeswax we would need to fly it over from China, so the amount of carbon used just to get the organic version doesn’t make sense to us.
  • Not all organic certifying bodies are the same. They all have varying percentages required to become organic. This is inconsistent and confusing to the consumer.
  • The MAIN reason we chose not to be certified organic is because you’re allowed to have synthetic ingredients and be organically certified. We value natural versus synthetic ingredients.

Where can I find Thirsty Naturals?

What Canadian stores carry Thirsty Naturals?

Please take a look at our find a store page located here.

What USA stores carry Thirsty Naturals?

Coming soon.

How long should my product last?

Coming soon.

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take to get my order?

After you place your order you will receive an email with order confirmation number. Processing generally takes anywhere from 24-72 hours. Once your package has been picked up by the carrier, we’ll send you a tracking number via the email address used at checkout.


If you are having issues and your order appears to be lost or has not been received contact us at info@thirstynaturals.com and we will help you out.

Where do you ship to?

thirstynaturals.ca ships within Canada Only. For USA orders, please visit thirstynaturals.com


Our shipping charges cover the shipping method only. Thirsty Naturals is not responsible for any duties or custom fees imposed by the recipient’s country.

How do I return an order?

We want to ensure you are satisfied with your Thirsty Naturals purchase. To inquire about a return please contact [email protected]

How does free shipping over $50 work?*

Free shipping applies only on orders that are a minimum of $50 excluding tax and after promotional discounts. Order’s under $50 will be charged a flat rate shipping fee of $10.