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I was inspired to create Baby Gourmet 13 years ago, when my then 6 months old baby girl, Finley, started her journey with food. I was so excited to embark on this experience with her and when I started looking into all the baby foods on the market I was quickly disappointed with the quality and flavor. Committed to providing her with only the best, I decided to make my own baby food with delicious organic ingredients and interesting flavors to develop her palate. It didn’t take long for other moms to notice that Finley ate better than most adults and asked me to make food for their baby. I realized I wasn’t the only one searching for high quality, gourmet baby food that I would like to eat myself, it was a universal thought amongst concerned parents. From that realization Baby Gourmet was born and today, 13 years later, has become the leading brand of baby food in Canada with development in international markets.

So how do teenage personal care products fit in with baby food? Very naturally and perfectly, actually! It’s the evolution of what goes in your body to what goes on your body.

As I spent a good part of my life feeding babies with a strong belief behind the importance of what you put in your baby’s body, as my baby grew into a young woman, it became apparent the importance of what goes ON her body was equally important. As her body changed in the early stages of puberty, her skin and hair became oily and body odor became prevalent, it was clear that she needed to start using personal care products. In this new stage of life, once again, I took to researching what she should be using on her body to address all these new changes. I was shocked to find that all the products recommended to this age demographic used toxic ingredients, pore blocking silicones and hormone disruptors. Teens have sensitive skin, they have never used products before and here I was supposed to lather her body with chemicals from the start? Not a chance! I spent a lifetime promoting good nutrition and I couldn’t, in good conscience, start her personal body care journey with toxic products.

With my research in mind, I went into a Shopper’s Drug Mart and asked the sales person to help me find something for my teenage daughter whose sensitive skin was changing. Immediately I was taken to the acne section of the store.  I explained that I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on her and asked if they had anything that was naturally derived. The natural selection was very limited in general and I ended up taking home an expensive women’s product which still contained chemical ingredients that I was not keen on. I asked myself, “Is this really all they have to offer our kids?”. I gave it to Finley anyways and recommended that she start a daily routine to help control her oil production. She took one look at the bottle said “mom, that looks like hand sanitizer!”. She was right, the packaging and branding was so sterile and unappealing, how could I expect her to be excited to use this every day?  From that moment I knew the next stage of my life was to be dedicated to creating natural personal care products for the underserved teenager market. These products would be naturally derived and developed specifically for their needs and marketed directly to them with packaging and messaging they could relate to and would encourage to develop a natural, everyday hygiene routine. From skin care to body care, such as deodorant and hair care, this range of products would address the major concerns our teens face.

So here I am once again, from one parent to another, suggesting you look into the kinds of products you are buying for your kids. If you have invested in your child’s health with good nutrition, then you may want to consider keeping this movement going and investing in their overall body health with natural personal care products made specifically for them.


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