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Love the smell!

It smells like cake batter! I use it the night before and rub into my roots. So much better than aerosol.

Best deodorant I have tried

This has to be one of the best deodorants I have used, you can feel it working. It has a sweet orange scent once on. I am confident about the ingredient list knowing there are no toxins in the product, and I feel good about giving this product to my teen to use.

Love it

It's kick ass! Love the smells.


I had a blemish on my face for over 9 months that just would not go away. I decided to try my son’s spot corrector. After 3 days of application, the blemish cleared up. I couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively it worked. I love this stuff!! Although the line is targeted towards teens, it worked fantastic on my mature skin as well. Amazing!

smellin good

goes on easy and love the smell

dig it

feels great and clean

the best scent ever

I feel like I'm at the spa


I have found it so hard to find something natural for my teenage daughter's skin. Her skin is sensitive and although there are some fancy creams that cost a fortune that occasionally work, Thirsty Naturals has CONSISTENTLY worked and not aggravated her already sensitive skin! I love that the ingredients are ingredients that we can not only TRUST but also AFFORD!


This is my daughters absolutely favourite face wash. She is 11 and is just starting her regime. As a mother I feel good letting her use natural products that are effective and she ABSOLUTELY loves the scent and how it foams.

Amazing Spot treatment!

This is an outstanding product! It is very effective at helping to eliminate blemishes quickly. And is easy to apply!!


Removes my pimples and drys clear so I can put it on before school !!


Amazing always keeps my face looking dewy and fresh and removes redness


The scent is great and really helps! 5 stars.

Love It!

I love this face cream! It doesn’t feel sticky and makes my skin soft and smooth. The foaming face wash followed by this moisturizer is a perfect combo!

Foaming Face Wash

This product smells great and has encouraged my son to take care of his face and actually wash his face!

Daily Moisturizer

This product smells amazing. My son uses this product after the foaming face wash. He smells amazing!

Body Wash

This product smells amazing and invigorating!

Everything smells amazing and the result on my skin has been great!

A deodorant I feel good about buying for my daughter

My daughter plays a lot of sports and as a result, is smelly. I love that this deodorant works and is non-toxic, a perfect combination!


In the morning they make me feel like it’s gonna be a successful day because I know I’m using natural products on my skin!