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Get your Fresh Face on with Foaming Face Wash, Daily Moisturizer, and Spot Treatment

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Weight 12 oz

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Bronwen Trim-MacDonald
Edit to my 02/22 review

Well, I guess my last review came just in time, it was shortly before they changed the fragrance formulas in their line and they generously offered to replace the products that were now not going to get used because of the scent.

We have been using these products for several weeks straight, the new scents are really well done! My 15 year old daughter uses the products every day now. She particularly likes the spot treatment (which she wouldn’t touch before because of the vinegary smell) and also the face wash. The face cream gets daily use as well although she still finds it a but sticky, but she loves it as a night cream and uses it daily! I have tried it myself and the stickiness goes away in seconds, it’s also very light..

The spot treatment scent is only barely there and disappears quickly, even though it doesn’t smell like vinegar any more it still smells like it’s full of really lovely natural ingredients as they all do. And it is a really gentle but effective treatment. The face wash is a bit pepperminty so slightly stimulating but without being drying, (it works well for my 50 year old face as well so I have stopped using my more expensive cleansers!) The face cream smells like orange candy in a great way and again my daughter much prefers this formula.

I look forward to continuing use of this product and I love that it is Canadian! I have also seen it pop up in some grocery stores here, good work!
We were also able to try the All-Over Wash, which we both enjoy but I have to say that I personally LOVE the scent of it, it’s like having an herbal treatment at a spa, amazing! And you really can use it on your face!

Mandy Jayne
the Fresh Face Combo

So far I’m about two weeks into using all the products and I’m liking them all so far. They have kind of a vinegary but all the products are so clean ingredient wise I don’t mind.

Anna Tseboeva
Love it!

The Perfect combo for my oily skin! I just love it!

Cherish Joseph

Love the face wash & spot treatment, moisturizer isn’t as hydrating as I’d like but it’s ok . It’s worth the purchase & would recommend to a friend . Only reason I didn’t give a 5 star is because from placing my order to receiving it took too long & as soon as I placed my order it took 3-4 to process so I had no idea when I would receive my order

Bronwen Trim-MacDonald
Needs better scents

I bought this combo for my teenage daughter who has normal skin with some pimples on the forehead and around the nose, so far the products themselves seem good. But she immediately said she didn’t like the smell of the skin cream and that the spot treatment smelled too much like vinegar(sign of good ingredients!). We put a few drops of pure essential lavender oil in the skin cream which has helped. The face wash is a bit too drying so she has changed to only using it every second day.
I think a bit more thought out in to the type of essential oils you use to scent your products would be helpful. I do notice that there is a faint orange scent that slowly appears after the skin cream has been on for several minutes which is nice but may not be the right choice when combined with those particular ingredients.