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Spot Treatment
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Spot Treatment

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Treat those spots with witch hazel and natural salicylic acid to unclog the pores and reduce redness and inflammation. Contains:

Wintergreen: Removes excess skin and unclogs pores.

Willowherb: a multi-function active with strong antimicrobial properties, reduces redness and improves acne prone skin.

Black Cumin, Chaulmoogra, Magnolia & Manuka: are all anti-blemish actives that eliminate acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and regulate oil production.

Witchhazel (alcohol free): removes excess oil with natural astringents that are effective in their ability to kill bacteria and rid skin of trapped moisture and oils.

Directions: After cleansing face & before moisturizing, apply a small amount of product to the affected area. Use up to a few times per day.

Ingredients (click to learn more): 100% Naturally Derived

Size: 23.7 ml / 0.8 oz

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Not what I expected

It smells awful, its really hard to use because it smells like old spit to me. It did help shink one of the white dots on my skin i've had for a while, but aside from that it hasn't really helped.

Glad to hear you found the Spot Treatment effective. The Spot Treatment is the one item in the lineup that we leave unscented. What you are smelling is the natural ingredients hard at work on those spots. The Wintergreen, Willowherb, and Witchhazel provide the perfect combination to address blemishes and reduce redness. We do not add an additional essential oil to mask the smell of these hard working ingredients as the product is used minimally and when followed with the Mattifying Moisturizer (which smells of Sweet Citrus Berry) it is the perfect combination.
Spot treatment

My mom steals pumps of this stuff cause I told her that it works. Love this one!

Spot Treatment

This stuff seriously works miracles! I’ve been looking for a product that could work quick and well for a long time and I’m glad I found this product!


I had a blemish on my face for over 9 months that just would not go away. I decided to try my son’s spot corrector. After 3 days of application, the blemish cleared up. I couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively it worked. I love this stuff!! Although the line is targeted towards teens, it worked fantastic on my mature skin as well. Amazing!

Amazing Spot treatment!

This is an outstanding product! It is very effective at helping to eliminate blemishes quickly. And is easy to apply!!